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A fresh cup of coffee sits on a windowsill next to a french press coffeemaker.  The window is blurring the snowy scene behind.

Double Dutch Extra Dark Roast

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Are you craving a rich and decadent dark roasted cup of coffee?  We made something special just for you.  We created this blend for those dark roast lovers who can never have their coffee roasted too dark.  With rich vanilla tones, and fudgy chocolate.  Is it French, Italian? No! it's Double Dutch, the extra dark roast that is sure to delight whether morning or night.

Why'd we call it Double Dutch?  Well, because we know that the old-school "French" and "Italian" roast monikers mean different things to different people, and well because the Dutch were the most responsible for spreading coffee around the world.  But mostly, because we think it's a fun double meaning with it being extra dark, and also the classic jump-rope game.