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Dealer's Choice Roasted Coffee

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Take a journey with us, as we highlight a special coffee each week.  We’ll be cycling through our <Single Origin Coffees>, so this is the best way to get something new without the hassle of picking a different coffee each time that you order. We’ll roast your coffee fresh after you order and ship it the same day, directly to your door. 

Each one of these coffees is carefully selected by Dan from farms that he has visited personally.  Ideally we’d love for you to hit that “subscribe and save” option so you’ll get a rotation of fresh roasted coffee on the schedule that you want, without worrying about running out. We’ll be traveling to different parts of the world one cup of coffee at a time!

This is also a great way to send a gift to friends.  Drop us a note in the comments box at checkout and we can tailor the coffee to your friend’s taste and/or put a personalized note in with their shipment.