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Isabel Keller with her husband in Santa Rosa Guatemala.  Isabel is the namesake for the Santa Isabel coffee farm.  Her grandsons Alex and Martin now run the operations of the farm, and produce some of the world's best coffee.
Guatemala Santa Isabel
Coffee pickers sorting coffee fruit, or cherries, on the Santa Isabel farm in Guatemala.  Each coffee cherry, has two seeds or coffee beans inside.  The cherries are picked by hand and sorted, before being processed and dried.  After drying the coffee can be exporting and is ready to be roasted.

Guatemala Santa Isabel

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Tasting Notes: Buttery, Dark Chocolate, Black Pepper

I first met Alex Keller in 2012, on my first visit to Guatemala.  He welcomed me into his family home, the home that had been in his family since his grandparents first came to Guatemala from Germany in the late 1800's.  It's the kind of place that would make you think of your grandparents, with family heirlooms and antiques, and is only fitting as the farm is now named for Alex's grandmother, Isabel.

Alex's warmth and charm made us feel right at home, and over the years of visiting Alex, his brother Martin, and occasional meals with the rest of the family, I'd eventually have this uncanny sense that I was hanging out with my dad.  First because Alex kind of looks like my dad, and second because you don't meet many six foot four gentle giants out there. Unfortunately for Alex, and the Keller's their farm was ground zero for the catastrophic outbreak of "La Roya" a fungus that attacks coffee trees, and swept through Latin America in 2013-14.  Over the next 5 years the Keller's would make the tough decision to replant the entire farm in order to stave off the pest.  Through those tough years I got to learn so much about coffee farming from Alex's diligence to preserve the commitment to organic farming, quality, and their biodynamic practices.

It's such a privilege to roast Alex's coffee again, and in honor of that we're roasting it the way that Alex likes, deep and bold.  A darker roast, as Alex prefers low acidity, full body, and nice rich chocolate tones.  I hope you'll enjoy it.