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Colombia Palestina

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Tasting Notes: Bright and zippy, notes of meyer lemon and sugar cane.

I first traveled to Huila in 2011, the largest coffee producing department (state) of Colombia.  It's in the south, and flanked by mountains, the whole region is full of ravines, ridges, and plateaus.  Palestina is a town nestled in these hills, which are all full of coffee farms, a small town with an old town square.  People come to sit in the square and eat local breads like pan de yucca, and sip their coffee.  Talk with the neighbors over empanadas, ice cream, or beer. It's a delight to spend time in these towns, taking in the simple pleasures in life.  A quiet sunset, the slowly cooling evening air, and maybe some local music.

Coffee is the lifeblood of these towns, you can buy and sell it everywhere.  Our partners pay premiums and trace coffees from individual producers, enabling them to increase their income by at least 35%.  Grouping coffees by quality, and passing on the premiums to the producers.  It's a win-win, they have better coffee to sell, and the producers make more money because otherwise there is no incentive to put in the hard work it takes to produce great coffee.

Perhaps you'll enjoy a little peace when you sip this delicious coffee in your "town square".