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Bedhatu Jibicho, a female Ethiopian Coffee Farmer, who runs here own mill, and export business.  Bedhatu has been growing her own coffee for 50 years.
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Bedhatu Jibicho

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Bedhatu Jibicho

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Tasting notes - Floral and sweet, with notes of plum and jasmine.

The story of Bedhatu Jibicho is an incredible journey.  Taking over the 84 acre coffee farm after her husband died Bedhatu was recognized as a model farmer by her cooperative.  After receiving training from the co-op they began selling her coffee separately because of the unique quality.  Ultimately Bedhatu would launch her own export business with her sons.

We're delighted to roast her delicate and floral coffee that is laced with ripe plum sweetness.  The ground coffee is intoxicating with it's aromas!  We hope you'll give it a try.