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Honduras Capucas
Dan Streetman, founder of Bird and Bear Coffee works with coffee producers at the wet mill of Las Capcuas cooperative in Copan Honduras. They are preparing coffee fruit or "cherries
Honduras Capucas

Honduras Capucas

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Tasting notes: Passion fruit, honey, walnut

Capucas, which is itself one of the first coops in Honduras. Their long and storied history has triumphs, and trials.  Since Dan first traveled to Capucas in 2011, leadership of the Co-op has passed from Omar Rodriguez Sr, to Omar Rodriguez Jr.  The third generation of his family to lead the coop.  Omar's grandfather was the first to bring coffee to the area, by bringing seeds from Costa Rica.  After the locals saw that he was doing well with the coffee, they encouraged him to plant more coffee, but he insisted that they instead take seeds and plant for themselves.  That was the birth of the "Las Capucas" cooperative.  Years later the community is still holding strong, and reaching new heights.

They have grown, and invested in their capacity to produce high quality coffees, along with diversifying their production.  The coop has expanded beyond coffee, growing passion fruit, tomatoes, ornamental plants, and even producing honey.  All while maintaining the highest standards for environmental and social responsibility.  It's a beautiful story, and it's a beautiful coffee.