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Bird and Bear Coffee Founder Dan Streetman walks through a coffee farm with farm owner Luis Alberto Ballardez in Nueva Segovia Nicaragua.
Coffee farmer Luis Alberto Ballardez observes coffee being processed at his farm in Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua.
Foggy coffee farm in Nueva Segovia Nicaragua.  You can see coffee trees below native shade trees obscured by the thick fog.  This farm is called Un Regalo de Dios, and is owned by Luis Alberto Ballardez

Nicaragua El Aserradero Natural

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This coffee is creamy and redolent with red fruit like cherries and strawberries.  Look for intense sweetness and mild acidity in this light roast coffee, with caramel undertones.

Dan first visited Nicaragua in 2012, where he met Luis Alberto Ballardez.  Luis Alberto is an awarded coffee farmer from Nueva Segovia, where he has such awards as the "Cup of Excellence" a competition held each year to award the best coffees in Nicaragua.  Luis Alberto is heralded in his community for his generosity, and his attention to detail.  He is a meticulous record keeper, and it shows in both the quality and consistency of his coffees.