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Cheddar Corn Meal Pancakes

When I was growing up, it was a weekend treat for dad to make pancakes.  You know the ones, recipe straight off the Bisquick box.  We even had our special family recipe with secret ingredients... the optional oil and sugar that was also... listed right on the box. None of that mattered though, because it was something that we did with dad.  Also after eating cereal and milk all week, pancakes always felt like something special. In our house, I make breakfast one the weekends,  it's a been a tradition for Ella and I as long as we've been dating.  So when I found out she was pregnant, I wanted to learn how to make pancakes.  After a few tries...

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Radicchio Breakfast Tacos

Radicchio! Radicchio. As a native Texan you'd never think of such a thing, however it seems that some amount of 8 years in New York or 3 years in San Francisco have rubbed off on me.  Perhaps it is just my wife's inherent need for vegetables...  Well, actually it is my need to use whatever food in the refrigerator is most urgently needs to be used. Breakfast tacos are a staple of our weekend brunch rotation, something that if you stay with us, hopefully you will, you'll learn all about. This particular Saturday the fridge was looking a little light on options to augment a basic bacon and egg breakfast taco, but I try to put a little pep in...

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