Nice to Meet You

Hello and thanks for visiting Bird and Bear Coffee! We love finding ways to upgrade the small things that you interact with every day, and bringing you fresh-roasted premium coffee is part of that. 

We also know that beyond just taste, our customers value supporting businesses that are committed to positively impacting the environment and their communities. 

Bird and Bear’s mission is informed by the last decade Dan has spent developing relationships with coffee growers around the world, traveling to visit farms and working alongside growers to understand how to ensure sustainable and equitable coffee production practices for everyone involved. 

Over the years and through this project, these farms and growers have become friends. We’re excited to be able to bring you the beans and the stories that make Bird and Bear Coffee special.

Get excited for what’s brewing! 

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How it Began

When the pandemic hit in 2020, it presented an opportunity to think differently about work and about community. After nearly 20 years in the coffee industry, Dan Streetman started Bird and Bear with his wife, Ella. 

At Bird and Bear, we believe that coffee connects us, and that the hard times are exactly when we need to reach out to those around us. So, while raising infant twins (nicknamed Little Bird and Little Bear), and navigating a time that forced us all to be apart, Dan and Ella set out to use coffee as a way to bring people together. 

For us, that means buying coffee from farmers we’ve known for a decade, saying hello to customers when we see them around the neighborhood, and offering coffees that are made for sharing. 

It also means being an active part of our local community in San Francisco, where we sell freshly-roasted coffee from our now-iconic garage on Cole Street, in the heart of Cole Valley. 

When our neighbors stop by, whether for a cup of sugar, a pound of coffee or a dad joke, it makes our world a brighter place.

Welcome to the Bird and Bear family!


Like you, we’re always looking for the best. For us, that means sourcing great-tasting coffee without compromising on environmental wellbeing, equitable working and growing conditions, or sustainable farming practices.

That's why at Bird and Bear, we're working with coffee farms and producers that we’ve built relationships with over the past 10 years. These producers have all demonstrated their dedication to producing great coffee while prioritizing the well-being of farm employees and the environment. 

We pay above-market prices to the farms we work with, which allows these farms to invest in good, sustainable agricultural practices and to pay workers fairly. Even so, we’re able to bring you coffee at $17 per pound, which is below the going-rate for most premium coffee roasters. 

As we grow, we're committed to increasing our investment in sustainability while continuing our commitment to the ethical treatment of people and the environment, from the ground to your cup.


Roasting is a dynamic process that can unlock a coffee’s amazing flavors and aromas.

We approach each coffee differently, identifying specific roast parameters to unlock that bean’s unique flavor potential. 

Once coffee is roasted, its aroma can escape quickly. That’s why we ship your coffee the day after it’s been roasted, sealed in airtight bags to preserve and maximize flavor. 

That’s also why we recommend you to keep your coffee in an air-tight container and drink it within two weeks of its roast date. If you won’t be able to use your coffee within two weeks, we recommend storing it in the freezer (in an airtight container, of course). 

Whatever your preference, we’ve got the coffee for you – from crisp and snappy light roasts to heavy and smokey dark roasts. 

Have a question? Click the “Chat” button, and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

Whatever your preference, we’ve got the coffee for you.  From crisp and snappy light roast, to heavy and smokey dark roast.  Got questions?  Hit that “Message Us” button, and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.


Brewing your coffee is the only part we can’t do for you. We’ll try to make it as easy as possible, though! 


  • Generally you should use 2 tbsp of ground coffee for every cup of water. 
  • If you want to get more precise, use a scale. It’s recommended to us 15 g of coffee per cup of water.
  • Like your coffee strong or weak? Feel free to adjust your measurements. The normal range for coffee brewing can be anywhere from 15 g coffee / 6 oz water to 15 g coffee / 10 oz water. The less water, the stronger the cup. 


  • It’s best to grind just before brewing to prevent aromas from escaping. 
  • Don’t have a grinder at home? We can grind your coffee for you when you order online or shop at the garage. Just make sure you select the correct grind setting for your preferred coffee maker (e.g. French Press, Chemex, Auto-drip, or Espresso). 
  • If you’re not sure what kind of grind you should select, or you brew your coffee in a way you don’t see listed, click the “Message Us” button below and we’ll happily help you select the correct grind. 


  • Brew fresh! We recommend you only brew as much coffee as you intend to drink in the next hour. This helps keep the coffee hot and means that the coffee’s flavor won’t get cooked in your pot. 

Looking to brew a bigger batch of coffee at once? Try making cold brew with the Cold Brew Maker by Rumble Jar.

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