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Alvarado Sisters of Copan, Honduras

Sisters, Sisters, there were never such devoted sisters…  or so the old song goes.  Here at Bird and Bear Coffee, we’re really into sisters.  While I had two brothers growing up, I’m lucky to have gained a sister-in-law, and to have two lovely twin girls who are learning very quickly at 15 months old, what it means to be a sister. So, we love celebrating our “Hermanas Alvarado'' or Alvarado sisters, coffee from Honduras.  Especially because I’ve known Iris Alvarado since before I met my wife.  Iris is one of the most humble, hard working and talented women I’ve ever met.  She is the Head Cupper (coffee taster) at COCAFCAL, or Capucas in Copan Honduras, a place that I’ve visited...

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Visting Finca San Francisco, near Juayua El Salvador.

I love this coffee, it has the perfect balance of full creamy body, sweetness and acidity.  If there's a venn diagram of what everyone likes about coffee this one is right at the center.  Basically, that kid in high school that everyone wants to be friends with.  But there’s more to it, this coffee and I, we have history. See, I’ve been drinking this coffee for about 13 years now.  Going all the way back to my first job out of college at a small roaster in Texas.  After a couple of years of us buying from Finca San Francisco, my boss arranged for the farmer, Jose Antonio Salaverria to come visit.  He was the first coffee producer I ever...

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