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Night Owl Dark Roast

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I am the terror that flaps in the night…. Ok well not really. I am Night Owl Dark Roast, a bold and rich blend of three coffees from around the world.  We developed this coffee to have heavy dark chocolate notes, with toasted marshmallow sweetness and a lingering bittersweet finish.  One of the greatest inspirations for starting Bird & Bear, was that some of our closest friends and loved ones enjoy coffees with milk and sugar, and other coffee companies were treating them like second class citizens. “It’s good black, but it’s better with milk and sugar”, they’d say of coffee in general.

If you're into trendy coffee, the roast on this coffee might surprise you because it is actually dark.  Not “we’re pretending to roast dark because we’re trying to convince people who like dark roasts to like medium roasts” dark.  You are going to see an oily sheen on the surface of the beans and smell the pungent notes of charred oak barrels, that’ll give you that extra kick along with vanilla accents in the cup.

We love to pair dark roasts with spicy food, and with the kind of meals you’d have at a greasy spoon diner.  There is something about the nostalgia of drinking some inky rich brew with (insert your favorite) hot sauce, and a biscuit to sop the bacon fat gravy. Maybe like you used to drink late at night, or early in the morning cramming for an exam in college, or perhaps mid-day when you’ve been out too late the night before.  Whatever the occasion, we know you’ll find comfort from a cup of our Night Owl dark roast. Perhaps in your favorite diner coffee mug?