French Press

When brewing with a French Press, use coarse ground coffee, and steep for 4 minutes.  We like to stir gently after 1 minute to submerge the floating grounds.  Our favorite brewer for darker roasted coffees because it enhances the depth and richness with it's full bodied cup


For your home coffee use medium ground coffee.  Our favorite part is that the machine takes care of the rest!  Fresh brewed coffee in 4 to 6 minutes. This is probably the most versatile and classic way to brew coffee.


Our favorite coffee brewer for single origin coffees.  Use 30 grams of fine ground coffee to brew 16oz.  Pour 1oz of water and wait 30-45 seconds before adding the remaining water.  The total time for drip through should be 4 minutes.


Use 20 grams of very finely ground coffee to produce 2oz in 20-30 seconds. The pressure from the espresso machine makes a concentrated, and uniquely flavorful cup of coffee.