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Marta & Diego Casso, Colombia

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Tasting notes: mellow and sweet, with blueberry, and walnut aftertaste.

I first met Diego Casso in 2014, it was my third year in Colombia visiting for an annual micro-lot competition in his village of Huila, called Monserrate.  He won first place, that year, and we bought his coffee. I can still remember the distinctive sweetness, florality and blueberry flavors from that first cupping.  The kind of coffee that can only be grown with utmost care.  In subsequent years I'd be lucky enough to have lunch with Diego and his wife Marta, and learn about how they harvest, and process their coffee.  It's a small family operation, just the two of them.  Actually Marta showed us their facilities in the backyard, while Diego was out tending the farm.

Shortly after we had seen the processing area and learned about their practices, Diego returned on horseback, and we enjoyed some cake, cola, and of course coffee while we learned about each other.

It's such a privilege to be able to roast their coffee again.  We hope you'll enjoy sipping on it, and think about the simple pleasure in life, family, making new friends, and hospitality.