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Bird and Bear Coffee

Panchito - Honey

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Tasting notes: Smooth and Creamy, with hints of amaretto and maple syrup.


I first met Panchito back in 2011, it was my first trip to Honduras, and I was there to cup through the annual competition for best coffee of the cooperative known as "Te Van A Conocer Compa".  Panchito just so happened to win that year, and we went to visit his farm to talk to him about what had made his coffee so special.  I'd go back to Honduras to visit every year for the following 9 years, and every year we'd spend some time together.  We'd share meals, talk about our past, our goals, our families.  I could bore you with all kinds of stories, but what's most important to Panchito is his family. He has a lovely wife Claudia, four daughters, and five grandchildren, which I recently realized include twin girls... a happy coincidence that we share.  Panchito is a humble man, who works hard for his family, and takes great pride in producing his coffee. 

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.