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Bird and Bear Coffee

Panchito Tasting Bundle

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Curious to learn more about different kinds of coffee?  Look no further than this exclusive tasting pack, of 3 different coffees from the same producer.

Panchito has produced three different coffees by changing the way he dried the coffee seed (bean), each yielding different flavors.

  1. "Natural" Process - the coffee seeds or beans are dried inside the whole coffee fruit, yielding a heavier, richer and fruitier cup.
  2. "Honey" Process - the coffees seeds are dried with the fruit's pulp left on the seed but without the outer skin, which yields a creamy, sweet and floral cup.
  3. "Washed" Process - the traditional way in Honduras, where the seed is dried with no fruit left on.  Yielding a cleaner, brighter and nutty cup.

Which one will be your favorite?