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Bird and Bear Coffee

Sumatra Ketiara

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Tasting Notes: Earthy, pungent, and spicy.

If you’re looking for a morning cup that can help you “make it happen”, then our Sumatra Ketiara is for you!  The word Ketiara means exactly that in the local language and is a tribute to the cooperative’s initiative to build sustainable livelihoods together through coffee.  Under the leadership of Chairwoman Ms Rahmah, the cooperative has grown to 1500 producers, and established a reputation for being a reliable high quality coffee producer in the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra.

They’ve been able to establish this feat by paying premium prices for cherry to producers along with establishing programs to support the coffee cultivation efforts of their members.  Ketiara has implemented programs to support coffee tree seedlings, organic fertilizer production, tree rejuvenation practices, equipment maintenance, and even scholarships for young coop members to attend university.

The coffee was introduced to me by my good friend Dana, who I first met in El Salvador when she was working at a farm there.  Later, she’d become a Buyer for an importer in the US, and we spent much time traveling throughout Peru, Mexico, and El Salvador.  During that time she regaled me of stories of the Ketiara coop, and their many incredible accomplishments.  I knew that when I wanted a Sumatra coffee it had to be this one.