Bacon, Egg & Kale Toast

Bacon, Egg & Kale Toast

This recipe is how it became the default for me to make breakfast for Ella and I on weekends.  You see, when we first started dating it took some convincing to get Ella to come out to Brooklyn and the no man's land between Park Slope and Sunset Park where my dingy studio apartment was.  She lived in Chelsea, and had a pretty set weekend routine.  Wake up on Saturday, hit the gym for a spin-class or two, swing by the farmer's market and later head off to brunch and afternoon drinks with friends.


slices of artisanal bread with whole grains on a wooden cutting board next to lacinato kale leaves

I was however, finally successful in breaking this habit by convincing her to go out late in Brooklyn, for a change one Friday night.  After dinner a trendy farm to table restaurant and probably several cocktail bars later, she decided a 45+ min subway ride back to Manhattan was just too much. She'd crash at my place.

The next morning this is what I made:


4 pieces of bread - we like crusty loaves from local bakers

4 slices of bacon

2 eggs

4-6 Kale leaves

Mustard, Mayo and/or Hot Sauce

applewood smoked bacon sizzling on a hot griddle

For this recipe, it's best to use a griddle.  First, cook your bacon on the griddle until your desired done-ness.  Usually better a little on the crispy side.  Next put down your bread so that the bacon grease helps the bread toast, probably 3-5 minutes per side.  While your bread is toasting, de-stem the kale and slice into bite size pieces.  After the bread is done, set aside and throw the Kale onto the pan and let it sizzle and wilt a bit.  Once the kale is dark green and soft, pull off.  Finally eggs.  The secret to this dish is to do the eggs once over easy to medium.  Just cooked enough so that the yolks ooze out onto the bread when you bite into it, but not so much that it explodes and runs everywhere. Usually I like to shake the egg about to see how much the yolk moves.

Finally, assemble.  Put your mustard or mayo on the bread, then bacon and kale on top. Lastly place your egg.  Garnish with hot sauce if you'd like.

Be careful though, make this for the wrong person, and you might end up married.


whole wheat toast stacked with bacon, kale and over easy eggs

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