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Ella's Breakfast

You know, things don't have to be fussy or complicated to be delicious.  Sometimes its just the simple things. I've always appreciated that Ella has a knack for taking something simple, and making it feel luxurious, and that's what she did here. To say our lives have changed in the last year, well that's an understatement.  Long gone are the leisurely mornings of sleeping in and having breakfast at 10 or 11am.  We have two very insistent alarm clocks that chirp at about 7:30 every morning... The past few weeks we've been experimenting with making our own breakfast to eat while the girls have theirs, and has left me wondering if it was worthy of putting up a recipe... Well...

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Shakshuka - Eggs poached in Tomato Sauce

I've never made this dish before.  In fact I had never heard of it until a cafe that I used to work at put a Shakshuka sandwich on the menu.  It's kind of weird because tomato sauce is one of my favorite things, and back in college was my "go to" food to cook. Especially now that you've learned my go to move for breakfast is... take whatever is in the fridge and throw an egg on it. I did however stare at a jar of tomatoes in the fridge all week, and think about making this, and I didn't even google a recipe or anything.  It is that EASY.  It might even be a great tomato sauce hack for...

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Chicken Fajita Fried Rice

What do you do when you have left over grilled peppers that your babies won't eat?  Throw them in your breakfast!  See my special gift is that I take whatever is in the fridge and I find ways to use it.  So this week, our breakfast was a unique inspiration. While fried rice has been a staple of breakfast for us (watch for a future post!), this particular iteration was one of a kind. Ingredients (serves 2 adults) 1.5 cups cooked rice 1 tbsp of canola oil 1 cup grilled peppers 1/4 onion cut into slices 1 cup of sliced cooked chicken 2 cloves garlic diced 4 large eggs shredded cheddar cheese, chopped parsley, and hot sauce to garnish. Place...

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Breakfast Quesadillas

Ever have one of those days where you look in the fridge, and you just don't know what to make?  This was one of those Saturday mornings.  Whole Foods gave us the wrong size tortillas in our grocery pickup, so my go to tacos wouldn't quite work.  So I had to improvise. Funnily enough quesadillas is another thing that my dad used to pull out on the regular. He'd make them anytime too, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Growing up we probably had tacos once a week, so there was always some leftover rice and beans in the fridge. Well, that is exactly where I found myself this weekend.  Leftover casamiento, rice and beans mixed together, oversized tortillas, and some other...

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Bacon, Egg & Kale Toast

This recipe is how it became the default for me to make breakfast for Ella and I on weekends.  You see, when we first started dating it took some convincing to get Ella to come out to Brooklyn and the no man's land between Park Slope and Sunset Park where my dingy studio apartment was.  She lived in Chelsea, and had a pretty set weekend routine.  Wake up on Saturday, hit the gym for a spin-class or two, swing by the farmer's market and later head off to brunch and afternoon drinks with friends.   I was however, finally successful in breaking this habit by convincing her to go out late in Brooklyn, for a change one Friday night.  After...

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