Ella's Breakfast

Ella's Breakfast

You know, things don't have to be fussy or complicated to be delicious.  Sometimes its just the simple things. I've always appreciated that Ella has a knack for taking something simple, and making it feel luxurious, and that's what she did here.

To say our lives have changed in the last year, well that's an understatement.  Long gone are the leisurely mornings of sleeping in and having breakfast at 10 or 11am.  We have two very insistent alarm clocks that chirp at about 7:30 every morning...

The past few weeks we've been experimenting with making our own breakfast to eat while the girls have theirs, and has left me wondering if it was worthy of putting up a recipe...

Well this one just hit the spot... Ella fried and egg, sunny side up just right and placed it on some hearty toast with butter.  A little seasoning and the rest was just enjoyment.  It's exactly the way that we hope our coffee can be.  Easy to make, and easy to enjoy.  What could be better for a Saturday morning?


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That’s exactly what I have for breakfast, simple, easy and tasty! Try it with a poached egg (open egg in ⅓ cup of water, 57 sec in microwave)…..and add some avocado on the bread, egg on top. Yum!
Just ordered some of your beans for espresso drinks, am excited to try it out.
Best of luck with your biz!


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