Shakshuka - Eggs poached in Tomato Sauce

Shakshuka - Eggs poached in Tomato Sauce

I've never made this dish before.  In fact I had never heard of it until a cafe that I used to work at put a Shakshuka sandwich on the menu.  It's kind of weird because tomato sauce is one of my favorite things, and back in college was my "go to" food to cook. Especially now that you've learned my go to move for breakfast is... take whatever is in the fridge and throw an egg on it.

I did however stare at a jar of tomatoes in the fridge all week, and think about making this, and I didn't even google a recipe or anything.  It is that EASY.  It might even be a great tomato sauce hack for lazy weeknights...

Ingredients (serves 2 adults)

1 Can of tomatoes

2 cloves of garlic diced

4 whole eggs

1 tpsp of dried oregano

1 tbsp of olive oil (or bacon fat)

Salt and Pepper and Onion Powderto taste.


Ok, so I decided we needed to have bacon also, but you can entirely skip that part if you want.  I cooked the bacon and then drained about half the fat from the pan.  If starting with olive oil, just heat your oil in the pan.  Then add your garlic and let it sizzle until golden brown.  Next add your tomatoes, oregano, and season with salt, pepper and onion powder.  I used the onion powder because I wanted this to be fast, and not have to sweat the onions.

Once the tomato sauce is bubbling reduce the heat a little bit, and crack your eggs into the pan.  Cover for ~6 minutes for eggs with a just soft yolk. (or longer if you want your eggs cooked through completely)


This sounds delicious and simple. A win/win combo! Will use frozen tomatoes a gift from neighbor who passed away earlier this year. He loved bacon however I will use olive oil. Thanks for giving me a memorable way to use my tomato gifts.


Been staring at a jar of tomato sauce in my fridge…thank you for posting this.


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